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Pre-Trip Inspection Quiz

When is "the friction point?"(Required)
What are the U-Bolts secured to?(Required)
How many points of contact are there to enter the truck?(Required)
What is the color of the reverse light?(Required)
__________ is red in color.(Required)
What is the purpose of side marker lamps and reflectors?(Required)
Fan Down 1 test checks:(Required)
Where are the clearance lights located on the front of the trailer?(Required)
When switching from neutral to any gear, you do not have to press on the clutch.(Required)
How many functions does the inside taillights have?(Required)
How is the alternator driven?(Required)
Coolant makes sure that what is cooled?(Required)
The clutch is composed of ___________ major parts.(Required)
Tension Springs are attached to the trailer.(Required)
_________: Secured around the kingpin and not broken.(Required)
____________ refers to the specified amount of electric current that is produced and carried by the wires.(Required)
How many spare fuses should be in the truck?(Required)
For the pre-trip brake check, which is the 3rd brake maneuver?(Required)
The Drive shaft is located behind the cabin under the tractor frame.(Required)
Airlines are green and black in color.(Required)
Airlines should be ______________(Required)
The oil level should be above the minimum.(Required)
The water pump is gear-driven.(Required)
When performing Fan Down 2 test, which brake knob pops out first?(Required)
What color is the service line?(Required)