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Combination Vehicles Quiz

While driving behind another vehicle under good conditions, you should allow at least one second between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead for each __________ (how many) feet of your vehicle length?(Required)
There are two things that a driver can do to prevent a rollover. They are: (1) keep the cargos as close to the ground as possible; and (2):(Required)
The air brake leakage rate for a combination vehicle (engine off, brakes off) should be less than __________ psi per minute.(Required)
Where should the tractor be when you inspect landing gear after uncoupling the trailer?(Required)
If the service line comes apart while you are driving a combination vehicle but the emergency line stays together, what will happen right away?(Required)
The safest way to make a turn without entering another traffic lane is:(Required)
The higher the center of gravity of your truck, the:(Required)
Glad hands are usually connecting which of these?(Required)